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Keep Alive

Notify others if you haven't used your device in a given period of time
Version: 1.2.0-beta1
Added: 16-12-2023
Updated: 16-03-2024
Keep Alive will send a custom message via SMS to one or more people if you haven't used your device in a given period of time. Intended to be used as a failsafe for those living alone in case of an accident or other emergency. Once the settings are configured, no further interaction is required.

- 100% Device-based, no cloud services or accounts required
- Free with no ads or trackers
- Open Source (
- Minimal Battery Usage
- Multiple SMS Recipients
- Custom Alert Message
- Optional: Include Location Information in SMS
- Optional: Place a phone call with speakerphone enabled

Keep Alive requires that your device has a lock screen and an active cellular plan. WiFi calling and messaging will be used if the device supports it.

How it Works
Keep Alive uses your device's lock screen to detect activity. If your device hasn't been lock or unlocked for a set period of time, you will be prompted with an 'Are you there?' notification. If this notification is not acknowledged an Alert will be triggered. Based on the configured Emergency Contact Settings, one or more SMS messages and/or a phone call will be placed to notify others that you may be in need of assistance.

Main Settings
- Hours of Inactivity Before Prompt - how many hours since your phone was last locked or unlocked before you are prompted with an 'Are you there?' notification. Defaults to 12 hours
- Minutes to Wait - if the prompt is not acknowledged within this time, an Alert will be sent based on the configured emergency contact settings. Defaults to 60 minutes
- Rest Period Time Range - a range of time during which inactivity will not be counted. For example, with 'Hours of Inactivity' set at 6 hours and a Rest Period of 22:00 – 6:00, if the device is last used at 18:00, the 'Are you there?' check would not be sent until 8:00. Note that an alert can still be sent during a rest period if the 'Are you there?' check was sent BEFORE the start of a rest period.
- Auto-Restart Monitoring After Alert - If enabled, monitoring will be automatically restarted after an Alert is sent.

Emergency Contact Settings
- Phone Call Number (Optional) - when an Alert is triggered a phone call will be placed to this number with speakerphone enabled

One or more SMS recipients can be configured with:
- Phone Number - the phone number to send the Alert SMS to
- Alert Message - the message that will be sent when an Alert is triggered
- Include Location - if enabled, your location will be included in a second SMS

Privacy/Data Collection
No data is collected other than the configured settings. This data is not shared with the developers or any 3rd parties. The only data transmitted is to the configured emergency contacts. This app does not request network or storage access and no data is sent to the developers or any 3rd parties.

- Not responsible for SMS or phone call charges incurred by the use of the Keep Alive app
- The operation of the Keep Alive app is dependent on the device, software, and network connectivity. The developers are not responsible for any failure due to device malfunctions, software incompatibilities, or network issues.
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