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Keep it up

Simple network monitoring
Version: 1.2.0
Added: 15-10-2021
Updated: 08-10-2023
Keep it up checks network services periodically by sending a ping, connecting to a specific port or downloading a site. It can also be used to ensure a connection with a timeout will be kept alive.


- Create multiple separate network tasks
- One task monitors one network service at a specified interval
- A task sends a specified number of pings, performs a specified number of connections attempts or downloads a file or a site
- Successful and unsuccessful attempts are logged
- Downloaded files can automatically be deleted after a successful download or be kept
- Notifications can be sent on failure or when a network service goes down or up
- A network task can be restricted to WiFi connections, i.e. it does not perform any action on mobile networks with potentially limited download data
- The configuration can be exported and imported as a JSON data file

- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED for restarting running networks tasks on device boot
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE for checking network accessibility
- INTERNET for accessing the internet
- WAKE_LOCK to keep the device awake while executing a task
- FOREGROUND_SERVICE to start the foreground service for running tasks
- USE_EXACT_ALARM to start networks tasks after expiry of intervals (Android 13+)
- SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM to start networks tasks after expiry of intervals (Android 11 and 12)
- POST_NOTIFICATIONS for sending notifications

The app works best if you disable battery optimization. If battery optimization is active, network tasks execution may be unreliable especially for short intervals, i.e. they may trigger less often and the trigger time may not be exact. There is a link in the app leading to the Android battery settings for the app. Of course, with disabled battery optimization power consumption may be higher.

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