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Keep track of your rail journeys
Version: 1.06
Added: 22-02-2013
Updated: 11-05-2014

* auto-complete station names and three-letter codes
* pick from the departure board and have stations and times auto-completed
* share your journeys with a Foursquare check-in
* browse information and photos, and make notes on train types
* import & export your journeys as CSV, so you can easily back-up your data
* help bug-fixing by sending geeky data if the app crashes

What's New in v1.04:

* revamped layout
* revamped train info section (Data File)
* check off train classes used for journeys


* Location: for accurate Foursquare check-ins
* Internet/Network: for downloading departure board, and Foursquare check-in
* Logs: for sending log data with crash reports (crash reports are optional)
* Storage (SD Card): for saving photos, tokens etc.
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