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Kernel Profiler

The easiest way to tweaks your kernel
Version: v0.13
Added: 27-12-2020
Updated: 20-06-2021
Kernel Profiler is a free and open-sourced profile based kernel management utility, which helps kernel developers to provide predefined profiles to their users.

This app requires

- ROOT Access
- Support from Kernel Developer (if your favourite kernel developer is not willing to support this app, please do not bother to install)


- Switch between profiles (no limit in number) provided by the kernel developer in one click (for users).
- Apply default profile, pre-defined by the developer or assigned by the user, on boot.
- Completely (almost) customize the interface of app in accordance with the kernel (for developers).
- Easily create profiles and necessary configuration file within the app (for developers).


- Wiki
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