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Key Mapper

Remaps the buttons on your device and other devices
Version: 1.1.7
Added: 09-11-2019
Updated: 10-01-2020
What can be remapped? ONLY HARDWARE buttons can be remapped. There is NO GUARANTEE any of these buttons will work and this app isn't designed to control games. Your device's OEM/vendor can prevent them from being remapped. * Volume buttons. * Navigation buttons. * Bluetooth/wired keyboards and mice connected to your device. * Buttons on other connected devices should also work. You can combine multiple keys to form a "trigger" and have as many triggers as you want for each action. You can make a key map only work on a long press as well and to vibrate as well. What can’t be remapped? * Pixel Active Edge * OnePlus Alert Slider * Power button * Bixby button Your key maps don't work if the screen is OFF. What can I remap my keys to do? Some actions will only work on rooted devices and specific Android versions. * Open an app * Open an app shortcut. This feature is very useful since you can tell another app to do something Key Mapper can’t. E.g If your launcher has a shortcut to open the app drawer, you can select that shortcut in this app and make any button open the app drawer. * Open a URL * Go back * Go home * Open recents * Open menu * Toggle split screen (Android 7.0+) * Expand notification drawer * Expand quick settings * Collapse status bar * Toggle/enable/disable WiFi * Toggle/enable/disable Bluetooth * Toggle/enable/disable mobile data (ROOT only) * Toggle Play/pause media * Pause/play media * Fast forward/rewind * Next/previous track * Volume up/down * Increase/decrease a specific volume stream * Show the volume dialog * Cycle through and change the ringer mode * Mute/unmute/toggle mute (Android 6.0+) * Toggle/enable/disable auto-rotate * Switch between portrait and landscape mode * Force portrait/landscape mode * Toggle/enable/disable auto-brightness * Increase/decrease brightness * Toggle/enable/disable flashlight (Android 6.0+) * Take a screenshot (Android 9.0+) * Open the Google Assistant * Open camera * Consume key event. (Do nothing) * Lock the device * Show the power dialog (Android 5.0+) * Move the cursor to the end of a file * Toggle, show and hide the keyboard * Show the keyboard picker (ROOT only for Android 8.1+) * Change the keyboard (ROOT only) The Key Mapper keyboard needs to be selected for these to work and you can’t use a soft keyboard at the same time: * Input a specific keycode * Input a key * Insert a block of text More will be added. If you have any ideas, leave a comment or email the developer. What other things can the app do? * Option to show a persistent notification which can pause/resume your keymaps. It can also open the accessibility settings on the device to enable/disable the service. Rooted devices can start/stop the accessibility service without going into settings and just tap the notification. * Automatically change the keyboard to the Key Mapper one and/or show the keyboard picker when a chosen Bluetooth device is connected and switch back to the old one when it is disconnected. Permissisons You don't have to grant all the permissions for the app to work. The app will tell you if a permission needs to be granted for a feature to work. * Accessibility Service: Basic requirement for remapping to work. It is needed so the app can listen to and block keyevents. * Device Admin: To turn the screen off when using the action to turn off the screen. * Modify System Settings: To change the brightness and rotation settings. * Camera: To control the flashlight. On some devices, enabling the accessibility service will disable "enhanced data encryption". XDA-thread:
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