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Verify decentralized cryptographic identities on the go
Version: 1.2.2
Added: 16-11-2021
Updated: 11-11-2022
The Keyoxide app lets you verify decentralized cryptographic identities while being on the go.

To verify somenone else's decentralized identity: simply enter their identifier and see the verification result generated by the app.

To create your own decentralized identity: have a look at the Keyoxide docs.

App features

* Simple and straightforward UI
* Fully open source
* Built with Flutter
* Supports fingerprint and email address as identifiers
* Supports fetching identities via keyservers and Web Key Directory

About Keyoxide

* Identity => verification using bidirectional linking
* Secure => use of trusted cryptography
* Decentralized => user data sovereignty
* Privacy-friendly => data explicitly provided by identity holder

For more information, please see the Keyoxide docs.
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