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Kingdomino Score

Calculate your "Kingdomino" and "Kingdomino Age of Giants" score easily
Version: 2.2.1
Added: 20-07-2021
Updated: 20-07-2021
Top menu buttons

  • Warnings (only displayed when at least on warning): check board for anomalities

  • AG : Activate / Deactivate the Age of Giants extension

  • Shield : Select / Unselect quests

    • Two quests maximum can be selected at a time.

    • There are more queets when Age of Giants is activated

    • The number of quests activated are displayed in a red bubble

  • 5 / 7 : change the size of the board. Changing the size of the board reset all tiles

  • Trash : Reset the board

  • About : Display author and license


The score is updated as each change on the board.

In portrait mode, tapping the score display the calculation details.

Bottom menu buttons

Each land type has it's own color :

  • Yellow : Wheat

  • Light green : Grassland

  • Dark green : Forest

  • Water : Lake

  • Grey : Swamp

  • Brown : Mine

  • Blue grey : Empty

  • Castle : Place your castle.

The castle position may change the score when quests are activated.

Long press the castle button opens the color select dialog (this is optional and never changes the score).

  • Crown : Place / remove crowns

  • Giant (when Aog is activated) : Place / remove giants.

Long press on the giant button displays the giant details :

  • how many crowns points are lost per property

  • how many quests points are lost (or gained in case of bleak king quest)

  • total points lost due to giants

  • the score you could had have without giants
    the score you could had have without giants

Screenshot of Kingdomino Score Screenshot of Kingdomino Score
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