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Kolab Notes

Write notes and sync them with Kolab
Version: 4.2.1
Added: 01-07-2015
Updated: 23-10-2020
Take notes locally and optionally sync them with Kolab and IMAP servers in the
Kolab v3 storage format.

The goal of the app is, to support the full stack of Kolab Notes functionality:
notebooks and tags for organising notes is already possible. Also it is possible
to edit the classification and color of a note. Formating the text and inserting
inline images works, too. The app is also able to display and edit the color of
tags. Since 1.0.0 shared notebooks are supported (which can be toggled in the
extended options from the account creation wizard).

There are already 2 types of widgets included in the app. One widget is a kind
of a "sticky note" widget, it displays the summary and description of a single
note. The other widget is a configureable list widget.
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