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Speech-to-text provider
Version: 1.9.16
Added: 29-06-2015
Updated: 30-03-2024
Kõnele is an app that offers speech-to-text user interfaces to other apps. Many apps contain a text area or a text field (e.g. a message box or a search bar) that can be edited using the input method editor (IME), aka the on-screen keyboard. Kõnele provides an IME that is optimized for speech input. Modalities like swiping and buttons are also supported, for situations where speaking is less convenient. Many apps (e.g. intelligent assistants, navigation apps) also contain a microphone button that is linked to the standard Android speech recognition activity. Kõnele provides an implementation of this activity, and uses it itself as a launcher.

Kõnele can connect to any speech recognition service available on the device but by default uses, and is optimized for Kõnele service (, a separate lightweight app whose backing server runs the kaldi-gstreamer-server ( software. The default server operates from Tallinn and provides Estonian speech recognition, but the software is easy to deploy elsewhere (e.g. a private network) and customize for other languages.

(Note that Kõnele also includes a simpler version of "Kõnele service" under the name "Kõnele (fast recognition)".)

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