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Koofr Vault

Open source, client-side, zero-knowledge encrypted storage application by Koofr
Version: 0.1.16
Added: 24-06-2024
Updated: 24-06-2024
Koofr Vault is an open source, client-side, zero-knowledge encrypted storage application by Koofr. Unlock enhanced security for your files. Discover a better way to securely store and access your photos, videos and documents.

Included in all Koofr plans, even in the free one.

Start using Koofr Vault now to make your life more secure. First time users must create a free Koofr account. Access everything through the Koofr Vault mobile app for Android.

With Koofr Vault for Android you can:

• create new Safe Boxes,
• upload files or folders to your Safe Boxes,
• download your files to your phone or open them in different apps,
• take a photo and store it in your Safe Box,
• use biometrics to unlock Safe Boxes.

All Safe Box files are encrypted or decrypted by your device on demand as you access them.

Since your Safe Key, only known to you, is required to decrypt cloud content, only you can access the files.

Neither your Safe key nor any other unencrypted file data or metadata is sent to or stored by Koofr.

The cloud has never been safer!
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