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Dutch for AnySoftKeyboard

Dutch Language Pack for AnySoftKeyboard
Version: 4.0.1396
Added: 24-06-2021
Updated: 24-06-2021
This is the Dutch language pack for AnySoftKeyboard. It offers an extensive
Dutch dictionary and optimised keyboard. In order to use it, first install
https://f-droid.org/packages/com.menny.android.anysoftkeyboard – a practical input method for Android
smartphones and tablets.

The dictionary is based on the word list from Stichting OpenTaal and has the
Quality Mark Spelling (Keurmerk Spelling) of the Dutch Language Union
(Taalunie). This language pack has been created by Stichting OpenTaal and can be
installed by all without any costs. The language-specific files in this language
pack have a dual license. Both the BSD 2-Clause License as the Creative Commons,
Attribution 4.0 (unported) apply.

Please, help us create free and open Dutch writing tools. Donate tax free to our
foundation at https://www.opentaal.org/vrienden-van-opentaal
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