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Search focused launcher
Version: 1.25.0-fdroid
Added: 21-01-2023
Updated: 20-05-2023
Kvæsitso is a launcher application for Android
which replaces the device's default home screen.
It has been built from scratch, meaning it is not
based on the AOSP launcher (like many other third
party launchers) nor does it try to recreate this
launcher. Instead, Kvæsitso follows its own concepts.

The main feature is a global search which does not
only let you search on device for apps, contacts, and
calendar events, but also on web services like
Wikipedia or your Nextcloud Instance. Additionally it
includes some useful tools, for example a calculator
and a unit converter. You are looking for a document
or an information? Just search for it and Kvæsitso shows
you the fastest way to it.

F-Droid build has the following changes:
* Disabled OneDrive, GDrive and weather integration;
* F-Droid version uses a different versionCode.

* NonFreeNet: app uses a third party service for currency
exchange rates;
* UpstreamNonFree: google drive integration depends on
libraries with non-free dependencies.
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