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Electronic Flight Information System (DMAP)
Version: 1.2
Added on: 13-10-2017
Last update: 07-11-2017

Kwik Moving Map is a companion application to the EFIS. It provides situational awareness and and navigation functionality.

Synthetic Vision

Synthetic vision is built from the USGS 3 arc second Digital Elevation Model data. If enabled, it also allows for some terrain collision detection. The required terrain data packages are available on F-Droid, see:

1. Kwik DataPac (usa.can) North America/Canada

2. Kwik DataPac (eur.rus) Europe/Russia

3. Kwik DataPac (sah.jap) Sahara/Northern Africa/India/Indonesia/Japan

4. Kwik DataPac (zar.aus) Southern Africa/Australia/New Zealand


Airspace data is provided from Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange Airspace

1. North West Sector: United States/Canada.

2. North East Sector: Europe(Denmark, Germany, Switzerland)/Russia.

3. South West Sector: None.

4. South East Sector: Australia/South Africa.

Demo Mode

There is a "Demo Mode" available in the application. It is fairly basic and works like a crude flight simulator. The heading can be changed by banking the device. The speed is fixed at around 200 kts.

Primary Flight Display

Kwik EFIS is a companion application to the moving map. It provides a Primary Flight Display functionality.


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