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Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS)
Version: 3.3
Added on: 02-03-2017
Last update: 14-07-2017

Kwik EFIS is a Glass Cockpit application designed to work on most Android devices equipped with a GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and a CPU with reasonable performance.

Synthetic Vision

Synthetic vision is built from the USGS 3 arc second Digital Elevation Model data. If enabled, it also allows for some terrain collision detection. The required terrain data packages are available on F-Droid, see:

1. Kwik DataPac (usa.can) North America/Canada

2. Kwik DataPac (eur.rus) Europe/Russia

3. Kwik DataPac (zar.aus) Southern Africa/Australia

Flight Director

Kwik EFIS has a fully functional flight director built in. It uses the standard V-Bar symbology common to modern flight directors. The target waypoint and altitude is set on-screen by means of the spinner controls on the right top and bottom of the screen.

Demo Mode

There is a "Demo Mode" available in the application. It is fairly basic and works like a crude flight simulator. The heading and altitude can be changed by pitching and banking the device. The speed runs up and down automatically based on the pitch.


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