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Glascockpit / Elektronisches Fluginformationssystem
Version: 6.10
Added: 02-03-2017
Updated: 15-07-2021
Kwik EFIS is a Glass Cockpit application designed to work on most Android devices. It provides a modern glass cockpit attitude and flight instrument display.

Kwik Digital Moving Map

The built in map module provides situational awareness and and navigation functionality. EFIS can optionally integrate with the Stratux ADS-B/AHRS to provide real-time traffic overlay.

Synthetic Vision

Synthetic vision is built from the USGS 3 arc second Digital Elevation Model data. If enabled, it also allows for some terrain collision detection. The required terrain data packages are available via F-Droid, see:

  • North America, Canada

  • Europe, Russia

  • Sahara / North Africa, India / Indonesia, Japan

  • Southern Africa, Australia / New Zealand

  • South America

  • Flight Director

    Kwik EFIS has a fully functional flight director built in. It uses the standard V-Bar symbology common to modern flight directors. The target waypoint and altitude is set on-screen by means of the spinner controls on the right top and bottom of the screen.


    Airspace data is provided from Worldwide Soaring Services Turnpoint Exchange Airspace

  • North West Sector: United States/Canada.

  • North East Sector: Europe(Denmark, Germany, Switzerland)/Russia.

  • South West Sector: South America.

  • South East Sector: Australia/South Africa.


    In addition to the internal sensors, a low cost Stratux ADS-B/AHRS can be selected as the input source. See Stratux ADS-B for
    more information.


    There is a simulation mode available in the application. The Flight director is used to select a waypoint and altitude and the simulator will generate the GPS movements to navigate to the selected waypoint. The speed is set at the typical cruise for the currently selected aircraft.



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