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A downhill snowboard game with beautiful graphics
Version: 1.1.6
Added: 12-06-2023
Updated: 25-06-2023
Lato is always late (hence the name). So he is always in a hurry. Help Lato to
race downhill on his snowboard. Or just sit on the mountain and enjoy the


* high resolution quality graphics
* endless procedural random terrain
* 2D and 3D mixture
* realistic weather and day night cycles
* simple one-touch game control
* suitable for all ages
* 100% open source (GPL3)

In this game you have to slide down a mountain with a snowboard.

Control the player by touching the screen. Touch the screen to start the game.
Touch the screen to make the character jump over a rock. Touch the screen to
back flip while you are airborn.

This is the start of a journey. More features will be added in the next weeks
and months.

international age ratings:

* ACB: G (general)
* ClassInd: L
* ESRB: E (everyone)
* PEGI:3
* USK: 0
* IARC: 3

Screenshot of Lato Screenshot of Lato Screenshot of Lato
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