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The official app for danger/u/,
Version: 4.2.5
Added: 07-12-2017
Updated: 15-09-2018
The official app for danger/u/,

Based on the Sukeban Games visual novel Va-11 Hall-A. Assets used with

This app provides you a fully functional version of Jill’s phone, with all it’s
features you know and love from the game.

At it’s core is danger/u/, a fully functional version of the textboard for the
denizens of Glitch City. You can listen to soundtracks from the jukebox, and
read the latest news about the universe in the Augmented Eye.

The looks of the app can be altered using Nanocamo, where you can select your
favorite theme. The blog of famous cyberpunk superstar, Kira Miki, is also
available, where she will post her life and hot-and-happenings around Glitch
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