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Emulators feel at home on Android!
Version: 1.12.1
Added: 29-11-2020
Updated: 29-09-2021
Lemuroid is an open-source emulation project based on Libretro. It's completely free, without ads and focused on ease of use and good user experience.

Supported Systems:

- Atari 2600 (A26)
- Game Boy (GB)
- Game Boy Color (GBC)
- Game Boy Advance (GBA)
- Sega Master System (SMS)
- Sega Genesis (aka Megadrive)
- Sega Game Gear (GG)
- Nintendo 64 (N64)
- Nintendo DS (DS)
- PlayStation (PSX)
- PlayStation Portable (PSP)


- Automatically save and restore game states
- ROMs scanning and indexing
- Optimized touch controls
- Quick save/load with slots
- Support for zipped ROMs
- Display simulation (LCD/CRT)
- Gamepad support
- Local multiplayer
- Tilt to stick support
- No ads

Keep in mind not every device can emulate every console. A very powerful one is required for more recent systems such as PSP and DS.

Do you have any questions? Maybe we've got you covered:

This application does not contain any games. You need to provide your own legally owned ROM files.

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