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Les Pas

A photo album that saves all your precious memory in your private cloud
Version: 1.3
Added: 20-12-2020
Updated: 07-01-2021
Les Pas, is a free, modern, lightweight and fast gallery app. Organize your photos, GIFs and videos into albums for easy viewing and sharing. With built-in two-way sync with your Nextcloud server, your files are kept private, secure and safe.

- Simple, beautiful and fast photos & videos viewing
- View picture details
- Organized albums
- Integrate with Snapseed for photo editing
- Share to social networks
- Theme design inspired by Wes Anderson's works
- Synchronization among your Nextcloud server and multiple devices
- Freely manage albums and photos on Nextcloud server and on your phones
- All files saved in App's private storage, stop being scanned by malicious apps
- Open-source

This project build using the following open source software:
- Sardine-Android
- PhotoView
- Android Open Source Project

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