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Take control of your passwords
Version: 1.3.0
Added: 26-08-2023
Updated: 12-04-2024
LibrePass represents an innovative cloud-based password manager
known for its user-friendly simplicity and performance.
It functions not only as a tool for generating secure passwords
but also facilitates their synchronization across various devices.

Password leaks from online websites pose a significant threat,
especially considering that most people use a limited number of passwords.
Using the same passwords for multiple services carries the risk of unauthorized access,
jeopardizing bank accounts, social media profiles, and other online services.
Therefore, it is recommended to use long and complex passwords for each of our accounts.
Nevertheless, maintaining control over multiple passwords can be challenging.
LibrePass addresses this issue by providing a straightforward and enjoyable way to generate, store,
and access passwords.

All passwords stored in LibrePass are securely placed in an encrypted vault.
This ensures that users can have full confidence
that their passwords will remain private and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

LibrePass is an open-source project, meaning the complete source code is available to everyone.
This openness allows anyone to review, verify, and make their own changes,
emphasizing the transparency and trust associated with using this tool.


- Advanced password encryption
- Generating secure passwords
- Face and fingerprint unlocking
- Native system theme (Android 12+)
- Native performance
- Various settings options
- And more with incoming updates!

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