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Private, cross-platform package tracking app.
Version: 1.3.0
Added: 20-07-2021
Updated: 29-08-2021
Track postal items directly on your device using accounts of postal services. The app respects your privacy and freedom: you don't use third-party online services.

* Free and Open Source software (FOSS)
* Support for various platforms and devices
* Support accounts of different carriers
* Detailed information about the postal items, carriers, tracking history
* Local push notifications
* Automatic tracking in the background, and also manual refreshing
* Ability to add a list of track numbers
* Filter and sort numbers by activity date, package status, carrier, etc
* Barcode and QR code scanner for tracking numbers
* Barcode generator
* Archiving tracking numbers
* Material Design 2.0
* Night theme
* Responsive UI for different devices form factors

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