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Client for the liteshort link shortener
Version: v1.1.2
Added: 01-01-2021
Updated: 01-01-2021
liteshort is a link shortener designed with lightweightness, user and sysadmin-friendliness, privacy, and configurability in mind. liteshort-android (this app) is a client for liteshort, which allows you to easily shorten URLs using any liteshort server.

You can shorten a URL through the main interface. By default, pressing the shorten button takes a URL from the clipboard and shortens it. You can also provide a long url and a short url, similar to the functionality of liteshort's web interface.

You can also shorten a URL by using the Quick Settings tile. Simply click the button in your settings tray and the URL on the clipboard will be shortened and replaced.

Screenshot of liteshort Screenshot of liteshort
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