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Little File Explorer

Android 1.0+ mini simple file manager/explorer
Version: 4.9
Added: 28-11-2022
Updated: 06-04-2023
A small, simple file explorer, designed with compatibility in mind.

Open-sourced and publicly-viewable code for anyone worrying about being locked in or privacy invasion.

It provides multiple functions, including copy and pasting files, multi-file share, etc. More information available in Features section below.

Supports Android 1.0+

Currently under 40 KB.

Previous known as Simple File Explorer (but from martinmimigames).

You can visit the official webpage at


- Free
- Small (< 40KB)
- Basic file operations (Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete)
- Easy switch between sdcard and internal storage
- Multi-share function
- File path copying
- Minimum permissions
- Supports Android 1.0+


Issues and pull requests are always welcome!

You can submit issues the following ways:
- via Github Issues at
- via email:

Made by Martinmimigames! :)
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