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little music player

mini, compatible & play audio
Version: 2.3
Added: 03-07-2022
Updated: 02-08-2022
A mini, simple, yet compatible audio player.
Plays audios and videos, like how you expected to.
Designed in hope for compatibility with different android versions.

- Free $$$
everyone have the right to listen to music, and therefore we aim to make it possible

- AD free !!!
ad may be music to some, but we simply want a clean experience for everyone

- Mini
less than 20kB in size, one of the tiniest audio player apps on android!
never worry about bloated apps again!

- Unbelievably compatible
Strangely addicted to support, we believe no one should be excluded because of an older system.
Therefore, we have theoretical support starting from android 1.0,
and tested support on android 2.3 and higher.

- Clean & simple
No strange placement, no hiding options,
a straightforward for you to focus on the music.
Enjoyment is key, right?

- Works :)
Even in the modern world, strangely something just seems to always fail.
Lucky for you, this app is actually tested to work, just like how it should be.
It supports all audio types that your system's decoder supports.

- Minimal permission required
Ever met an app that ask for a bunch of unrelated permissions?
Ever have some strange requests that reminds you of malware?
Not this app!
Only the foreground service permission is used, so you know it's safe to use.

- No hidden third-parties
It is completely open-sourced, and as little third-party library used as possible.

If you worry about size, compatibility or privacy, this is simply the app for you!

We use the permission Foreground Service to provide audio playing while using other apps.

The app is still under development.
Issues and pull requests are welcomed.
Proudly made by martinmimigames!
Enjoy your music! :)
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