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Location Cache Map

Find where your device was
Version: 0.6
Added: 07-09-2012
Updated: 07-09-2012
N.B Only applies if you are on Android 2.3.3-. Requires root.

If you opt-in to Network location, the non-free software provided by Google to
every Android phone, a log will be kept of your location so that Google can
benefit from the combination of location data and wireless signal data.

The log can't be viewed against a map within the app because an API key for
Google Maps is missing from the build and no other map source is
available. Another app that supports OpenStreetMap and gpx files can be used to
view it, such as

Anti-feature: Dependency. It's necessary for Google Maps to be already installed
either as an app or as a shared system library for this app to be installable.
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