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Simple and maintainable Android e-mail client
Version: 0.1.2
Added: 23-03-2020
Updated: 23-03-2020
Proof of concept e-mail (JMAP) client (pronounced \"Letters\"). Makes heavy use of Android Jetpack to be more maintainable than some of the other Android e-mail clients.

Features, and design considerations:

* Heavily cached, but not fully offline capable. makes use of JMAP’s great caching capabilities. However, marking a thread as read does a round-trip to the server to update things such as read count. The action itself won’t get lost even if performed offline.
* Account setup and done. Settings invite feature creep and its friend unmaintainability. There is one specific work flow. K-9 Mail or FairEmail is more suitable for others.
* Minimal dependencies. Only widely known, highly tested libraries from reputable vendors. Third-party libraries are often of poor quality, and end up unmaintained.
* First class Autocrypt¹. fits right into its strict UX guidelines.
* Based on jmap-mua, a headless e-mail client, or a library that handles everything an e-mail client would, aside from data storage and UI. There is also lttrs-cli, which uses the same library.
* Looks to Gmail for inspiration in cases of uncertainty.

¹: Planned feature

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