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SIP softphone
Version: 1.13.3
Added: 07-09-2012
Updated: 12-10-2021
SIP softphone with a comprehensive range of features:

* ENUM dialing seamlessly checks all numbers you dial
* DNS SRV lookup keeps track of which contact email addresses are active for federated SIP
* TLS encryption of SIP messaging and both SRTP and ZRTP supported for audio stream encryption
* ICE/STUN/TURN algorithms for NAT traversal in virtually any network (based on ice4j from Jitsi)
* Push-to-talk (PTT) walkie-talkie mode allows free group chat on wifi (as long as the router supports multicast)
* Built in Ganglia agent provides an enterprise-grade monitoring solution to map wifi coverage and it's relationship with call quality
* Native x86 support
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