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Lunar Launcher

Feature rich android home with minimal look.
Version: 2.8.2
Added: 05-09-2022
Updated: 16-03-2024
Lunar Launcher is yet another addition to the world of android launchers. Low memory footprint and clean interface, but large number of features are awaiting. It is fully open-source and contains no ads or trackers.


* Material design 3
* Day/night theme mode
* Double tap: Lock/sleep
* Swipe down: Expand notification panel
* Quick app search and launch
* Launch apps in freeform mode
* Animated battery percentage indicator
* 12/24 time format and date
* Weather: celsius and fahrenheit
* Todo manager
* Quick actions
* RSS feeds
* Device stats

More exciting features will be added soon. Please donate to support the development.

Screenshot of Lunar Launcher Screenshot of Lunar Launcher Screenshot of Lunar Launcher
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