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Make Some Noise

Push a button, or move your phone, to make some noise
Version: 1.2.5
Added: 28-01-2022
Updated: 14-03-2022
Simple fun app to play a sound when you touch a button, or when you whip your phone.

This app is 1st attempt to create an Android app, but it is quite fun to use. You can virtually
whip your friend, or make fun of them. You can play the Dun Dun Duuun or Suspense sound when
someone is down during a murder party :-) . Did you see The Big Bang Theory episode
when they whip each other or play a murder party ? The sounds are almost the same, and
you can use the app like they do it on the show.

Help :
Push a button, and the sound is played. Quite simple :-) !
The bottom button with the icon repeat the last played sound.
You can also use the keyboard (Key 1 to 5, and R for repeating the last sound).
The last sound is also played when you do a whip move with your phone.

The sounds can't be changed (it will come in a future version).

Sounds are made by myself, or came from Simon Lacelle (see or from Dick De Benedictis.
All of them are open and free to use.

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