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Marble One

Peg solitaire (or Solo Noble) board game
Version: 2.0
Added: 18-10-2014
Updated: 06-12-2014
How to play:

1. Find two marbles and an empty location lying together along a line -- that is
"marble-marble-empty" or "empty -marble-marble". This pattern can be in
horizontal or vertical direction.

2. Select the marble away from the empty location. Then select the empty
location. The selected marble will jump over the adjacent one to the empty
location: now the pattern will be "empty-empty-marble" or "marble-empty-empty".
The middle marble gets removed by this. Similarly, go on removing the marbles
one by one till you reach a state when there are no two marbles together with an
adjacent vacant position.
Screenshot of Marble One Screenshot of Marble One Screenshot of Marble One
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