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Scarlet Notes FD

Quick and beautiful note-taking
Version: 7.0.15
Added: 07-12-2017
Updated: 09-10-2019
Material Notes offers a simple no hassle interface for adding notes in a
beautiful material design. It works completely offline, offers rich notes with
lists, headings, quotes and more.

* Offline by Default: Don’t like companies storing your data, no problem this note app can be used offline.
* Optional Cloud Sync: Optionally sync notes accross devices.
* Rich Note Input: Add rich notes - lists, headings, quotes and more.
* Tags: Add tags to your notes and find them easily
* Markdown Support: The text elements have markdown support
* Choice of Grid / List layouts
* Simple UX: Simplistic and straight forward UI.
* Archived, Favourites, and more
* Set color to your notes
* Night Mode: view notes in night mode, for your eyes and screens
* Lock Notes: lock the notes with a pincode
* Reminders: Add reminders for your notes
* Power Search: Powerful and smooth search experience within app
* Ad Free: Now and always ad-free.
* Floating Heads: Quickly take notes while doing other stuff.
* Pinning and Sorting Notes
* Widget Support
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