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Material Design icons for your homescreen
Version: 2.1
Added: 09-05-2018
Updated: 09-05-2018
MaterialOS - Icons is an icon pack from a community of designers. It features
Material Design and Material Inspired wallpapers and iconography.


* 450+ Icons
* Wallpapers by amazing designers

Supported Launchers:

* Nova Launcher
* Apex Launcher
* ADW Launcher
* Action Launcher
* Atom Launcher
* Aviate Launcher
* CyanogenMod Theme Engine
* Go Launcher
* KK Launcher
* LG Home
* Next Launcher
* Smart Launcher
* Solo Launcher

Other launchers may be supported but you will have to activate the icon pack
from the launcher's settings. Google's Launcher and stock launchers don't
support icon packs without external hacks (like Xposed GEL Settings)
Screenshot of MaterialOS Screenshot of MaterialOS Screenshot of MaterialOS
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