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MDM Agent

Mobile Device Management (MDM) System for Android (mobile agent - launcher)
Version: 5.26
Added: 17-05-2024
Updated: 17-05-2024
A Powerful Open Source Platform to Manage your Enterprise Android Devices

* Quick and Easy to Install “Out of the Box”
* Compatible with Most Android Devices
* Manages Devices in Closed Private Networks
* Premium: All Must-Have MDM Features

Scaling of your business requires proper management. The MDM
software is a smart manager of your enterprise tablets, smartphones,
kiosks, and digital signage systems. It’s particularly useful to
manage unattended devices, replacing hours of maintenance work by a
few mouse clicks!

* Group-based policy management forces hundreds of devices to work
in the same way, thus making business processes clearer and

* Device status control makes it easy to find problems with
enterprise devices and take actions to fix them in a timely

* Remote support simplifies the IT manager’s work to resolve issues
and correct faults.

Headwind MDM requires registration on a Headwind MDM server. You
can deploy your own ( or try the demo
( See the Headwind MDM documentation for more
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