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Meditation Assistant

Feature packed meditation session timer and recorder
Version: 1.6.7
Added: 29-10-2015
Updated: 10-04-2023
This application assists with both timed (via duration or ending at a specific
time) and untimed sessions, with numerous customizations, including
start/interval/end sounds and device behavior. It also provides a monthly
overview of your progress.

A major feature in this application is the ability to share your sessions
online. Though entirely optional, sharing your progress online adds another
dimension to your accountability. Now that you've gone public, as your
meditation streak increases more users will see it as a goal of their own. One
user has posted over 500 days of consecutive days of meditation.

Your meditation streak is the number of consecutive days you have recorded at
least one session. As your streak grows, "not breaking the chain" becomes quite
important. Soon you will be meditating once a day, even if it's five or ten
minutes out of your schedule.
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