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An essential meditation timer
Version: 1.3.2
Added: 21-03-2022
Updated: 16-01-2023
This is a meditation timer. Minimalistic, reliable, and truly elegant.


* Simple, elegant, and intuitive
* No distractions; only the essential features
* Custom volume adjustment independent of system volume
* Reliable countdown timer
* Beautiful assortment of bell and gong sounds
* Free and open-source software


Meditation is a truly minimalistic countdown timer for meditation, with a clean user interface and no clutter. This is an app that is itself a reflection of meditation's purpose.

Possibly the most important feature of this app is the ability to customize the volume of the notification bells independently of system volume. This allows you to set a predefined volume so that the sounds will reliably play at the same volume every time. No more mid-meditation worrying about whether you remembered to turn the volume up!

Another important feature is for the timer countdown itself to be as reliable as possible, so that there is no doubt the timeout will sound at the right moment and not be delayed.
This is achieved by starting a foreground service and disabling battery optimization (for this last one you'll be asked for the permission).

Reliability is of extreme importance to a meditation tool in order to eliminate all possible worries about the timer not behaving correctly. Just press the button and start!

Screenshot of Meditation Screenshot of Meditation
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