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Med reminders and history with full offline privacy
Version: 1.7.0
Added: 24-03-2024
Updated: 14-04-2024
Med reminders and history with full offline privacy

Stay In Control of Your Medications with MedTimer

MedTimer is an open-source medication reminder app designed to help you manage your medications and pills effectively and with full control of your sensitive data.

Flexible & Personalized Reminders:

- Manage unlimited medications with customizable reminders per medication (including simple defaults
for daily reminders).
- Create flexible reminders with breaks and specific days (e.g. for birth control pills).
- Weekend mode: Delay reminders to a defined time on chosen days.
- Snooze notifications for later reminders.
- Add extra doses on the fly.

Simple & Secure Data Management:

- Confirm or dismiss reminders to record medication adherence accurately.
- Export your medication history as a CSV file for easy record-keeping or sharing with healthcare
- Backup and restore your medication list as JSON file.

Privacy & Offline Accessibility:

- All data is stored securely on your device, ensuring complete privacy and offline accessibility.
- No internet connection required – your medication reminders are always available.

MedTimer is a free app without adds.

See the project page on GitHub:
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