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Memories: Photo Management for Nextcloud

Fast, modern and advanced photo management suite. Runs as a Nextcloud app.
Version: 1.12
Added: 16-03-2024
Updated: 22-05-2024

Timeline: Sort photos and videos by date taken, parsed from Exif data.
⏪ Rewind: Jump to any time in the past instantly and relive your memories.
AI Tagging: Group photos by people and objects, powered by recognize and facerecognition.
️ Albums: Create albums to group photos and videos together. Then share these albums with others.
‍ External Sharing: Share photos and videos with people outside of your Nextcloud instance.
Mobile Support: Work from any device, of any shape and size through the web app.
✏️ Edit Metadata: Edit dates and other metadata on photos quickly and in bulk.
Archive: Store photos you don't want to see in your timeline in a separate folder.
Video Transcoding: Transcode videos and use HLS for maximal performance.
️ Map: View your photos on a map, tagged with accurate reverse geocoding.
Migration: Migrate easily from Nextcloud Photos and Google Takeout.
⚡️ Performance: Do all this very fast.

For automatic uploads, you can use the official Nextcloud mobile apps.
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