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MH4U Database

Look up the MonsterHunter 4U database
Version: 1.08
Added: 27-02-2015
Updated: 07-07-2015
Database app for Monster Hunter 4U video game for the 3DS.

Features Include:

* Quest List with Goals, Subquest, and Rewards
* Monster Weakness, Carves, and Habitats
* Gathering Points with Percentages
* Location Maps including Gathering points
* Full Weapon Trees with creation materials
* Armor List with Skills and creation materials
* Item Combinations
* Decorations
* Searchable items list including Decorations, Weapons, and Armor
* Skill List
* Linked cross-reference for all pages
* Wishlist! Create a list of wanted items and see all the materials needed.
Screenshot of MH4U Database Screenshot of MH4U Database Screenshot of MH4U Database
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