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microMathematics Plus

Computer algebra system
Version: 2.22.0
Added: 15-08-2017
Updated: 05-06-2021
With microMathematics Plus, not only can you perform mathematical calculations
in naturally readable form but you can also create and manage your own
collection of interactive formulas!

microMathematics Plus is a revolutionary new kind of mobile calculator. It is a
scientific graphing calculator and function plotter on Android oriented around a
worksheet. It features live editing of mathematical identities combined with
highly accurate computations.

This app is not only for students. Anyone who enjoys mathematics or requires
more than just a basic calculator will benefit from microMathematics' amazing
calculations and plotting.

Benefits and features:

* Verification, validation, documentation and re-use of mathematical calculations
* Works on smartphone or tablet in portrait and landscape mode
* Supports all commonly used mathematical operations
* Mathematical expressions are written in an intuitive and naturally readable form
* Supports SI and non-SI units (including units of information)
* Powerful mathematical touch-screen editor with undo function which makes editing easier
* You can perform multiple calculations and subsequently correct or change all used formulas
* It is possible to store intermediate results into 1D, 2D, or 3D array that can improve calculation performance
* Mathematical expressions are collected in a document, that includes not only formulas and plots, but also additional text and images (SVG format is also supported)
* You can store your document on an SD card and export it into LaTeX format or an image (SD writing permission is needed)
* SD card on Android 6+ is also supported
* The app contains a detailed "How to use" page and several examples
* Supports different color themes
* Supports data import from ASCII files
* Integration with SMath Studio. Documents from SMath Studio can also be opened in microMathematics

Languages: English, Russian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese.
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