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Clear minefield without detonating a mine
Version: 1.6.0
Added: 11-07-2014
Updated: 15-09-2014
Classic single-player one-tap puzzle game where you have a virtual minefield and
you must liberate it. If you play tapping randomly in the field probably your
penguin will become a good petard, otherwise you and your cute penguin are
probably destined to survive. MineSweeper is considered a
co-NP-complete computational complexity puzzle.


* There are exactly "n" bombs around any number!
* Hold-tap to place flags.
* Did you find the easter egg in the language selection already?


Every permission of this app (with exception of Vibration and Audio permissions)
are not really used for any purpose (are automatically inserted by Cordova
during the build process).

Notes from the Author:

This app is intentionally created exclusively in HTML5, Javascript and CSS with
Cordova/PhoneGap. So this app is potentially multiplatform and if you know how
to bring this application on other platforms you are free to do so, and please
do so! See the README
before studying or improving this app.
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