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Needed by apps written in Qt
Version: 10.4
Added: 29-08-2012
Updated: 26-11-2016
You do not need to install this unless another app requests it. That may direct
you towards Google Play, but you can install this instead. There are currently
no such apps in this repo because they require a different SDK to build. For
testing purposes, there is a Breakout-style game apk available via
this thread.

Ministro is a system wide Qt shared libraries installer/provider service. It
acts as a bridge between your apps and Qt libraries.

The connection API protocol used by applications to connect and query the
service is released under BSD license, it mean that any application (no matter
if that application is free or not) can connect and query its services.

Also, be aware, this service will install/provide the free versions of Qt
libraries, licensed under LGPL v2.1/ GPL v3.
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