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Log position to your own server
Version: 3.5
Added: 21-03-2017
Updated: 03-02-2021
μlogger ('micro-logger') is an application for continuous logging of location
coordinates, designed to record hiking, biking tracks and other outdoor
activities. Application works in background. Track points are saved at chosen
intervals and may be uploaded to dedicated server in real time. This client
works with μlogger web server.
Together they make a complete self owned and controlled client–server solution.


* meant to be simple and small (μ);
* low memory and battery impact;
* uses GPS or network based location data;
* synchronizes location with web server in real time, in case of problems keeps retrying;
* alternatively works in offline mode; positions may be uploaded to the servers manually;
* configurable tracking settings
Screenshot of μlogger Screenshot of μlogger Screenshot of μlogger
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