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Mobile network measurements
Version: v2.5
Added: 09-12-2013
Updated: 17-09-2014
The app uploads 'anonymised' data to the Mobiperf server run by the developers.
The server is based on free software but the app would need re-coding to work
with a different server. You can view the data collected that has been collected
within the app.

The Android app periodically checks in with the measurement server, running on
Google App Engine, which sends it a list of measurement tasks to perform.
Measurement tasks include ping, traceroute, HTTP GET, DNS lookup, and TCP
Throughput. Each task has an associated set of measurement parameters (e.g.,
which host to ping), and a schedule (periodicity at which to take the

The device runs the measurements in the background, and uploads the measurement
results on its next checkin cycle. By default, devices check in with the server
every hour. In order to avoid draining the battery, the app will not take any
measurements if the battery is below a given threshold (80% by default).
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