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Convenient front-end to hledger-web
Version: 0.21.7
Added: 18-03-2019
Updated: 24-03-2024
Work with your hledger-web instance conveniently.

hledger-web is a web interface to hledger - a plain text based accounting system.

MoLe (from "Mobile Ledger") is a convenient front-end to hledger-web, providing more natural interface for mobile devices.


  • Hierarchical list of accounts with their current balance
  • Transaction list with filters
  • Input of new transactions
  • Currency/commodity support
  • Per-transaction and per-posting comments
  • Multiple back-ends, optionally with custom color
  • Transaction templates matched by QR code

The development is still ongoing, here's a list of some of the planned features:

  • Reports
  • More filters for the transaction list, search
  • Match transaction templates from clipboard or SMS (e.g. from your bank)

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