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Monkeyboard Keystone Radio

Monkeyboard FM & DAB/DAB+ radio interface
Version: 2.1.7-beta
Added: 06-02-2019
Updated: 12-11-2020
Monkeyboard Keystone Radio interfaces with a Monkeyboard and provides a
control and feedback interface for the user. The Monkeyboard communicates
via USB serial, and so to use the board a USB Host cable is required to
connect the board to the Android device. The app is designed to act as if
it is a normal music player as so will act accordingly. Audio focus will be
followed, and a mediaplayer notification is provided.

The Monkeyboard does not transmit audio over the USB connection, it is only
outputted directly from the board itsself. The user will need to mix this
audio with the tablet audio externally (think of the Android device as
being a screen for the Monkeyboard).
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