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monocles chat

is an Open Source XMPP/Jabber Messenger for Android
Version: 1.5.15
Added: 20-05-2021
Updated: 07-12-2022
monocles chat is a fork of and Conversations with some changes,
to improve usability.

Connection security and the protection of personal data are very important for
us, so we enforce encrypted connections between chat and server, making it
almost impossible to intercept and read your messages by strangers. Therefore we removed older cipher suits. These are adapted to the monocles chat server nevertheless they are still compatible with other xmpp server using todays standards.

If that's not enough for you, end-to-end message encryption such as OMEMO
or OpenPGP can be used. This allows messages to be encrypted on the sending
device and decrypted only by the receiving device intended for reception.

* End-to-end encryption with either OTR, OMEMO or OpenPGP
* Send and receive images as well as other files
* Send and receive locations
* Send and receive voice messages
* Integration of profile pictures (avatars) of your contacts
* Synchronize message history with other clients
* Conferences or group chats
* Address book integration (there is no exchange of your address book with the server)
* Audio/Video calls
* Very low battery consumption
* Status messages
* Daily backup of database to local storage

You need help? Please join our support group chat

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