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Convert text into Morse code and vice-versa
Version: 1.6
Added: 30-07-2019
Updated: 26-03-2021
Translate text to Morse code or decipher Morse code by translating them to
text! It’s a simple, user friendly, but useful app that can help you in a
lot of ways. You can decipher or decode Morse codes, you can create secret
number or learn to be a cipher or learn cryptography, and many more! If you
think of yourself as a codebreaker, download and try our Morse code cypher
tool! Don’t let the special characters or dots and dashes befuddle you.


* Clean, modern app design and interface.
* Super easy to use.
* Realtime translation: type in the word or code and we will translate it to you immediately.
* Decode from Morse to text or text to Morse.
* Press the speaker button to hear the code in sound.
* Copy the text by pressing copy button.
* Type in dot and dash using our built-in Morse keyboard.

'''How Morse is useful for you:'''

# Tell others when you are in a dangerous situation (SOS).
# Hide your secret number or password via dots and dashes.
# Cipher/ Decipher hidden clues in games.
# Learn cryptography or cryptogram through learning Morse codes.
# Become a codebreaker by breaking secret codes in real time translation.
# And many more!

So, what are you waiting for? Use our Morse code cipher tool to decipher
Morse code to text or text to Morse code now! As a codebreaker & cryptogram
enthusiast, our cipher tool is a must have! It is useful for all of you.
Just try it out.
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