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Convert text into Morse code and vice-versa
Version: 1.6
Added: 30-07-2019
Updated: 26-03-2021
Translate text to Morse code or decipher Morse code by translating them to
text! It’s a simple, user friendly, but useful app that can help you in a
lot of ways. You can decipher or decode Morse codes, you can create secret
number or learn to be a cipher or learn cryptography, and many more! If you
think of yourself as a codebreaker, download and try our Morse code cypher
tool! Don’t let the special characters or dots and dashes befuddle you.


* Clean, modern app design and interface.
* Super easy to use.
* Realtime translation: type in the word or code and we will translate it to you immediately.
* Decode from Morse to text or text to Morse.
* Press the speaker button to hear the code in sound.
* Copy the text by pressing copy button.
* Type in dot and dash using our built-in Morse keyboard.

How Morse is useful for you:

  1. Tell others when you are in a dangerous situation (SOS).

  2. Hide your secret number or password via dots and dashes.

  3. Cipher/ Decipher hidden clues in games.

  4. Learn cryptography or cryptogram through learning Morse codes.

  5. Become a codebreaker by breaking secret codes in real time translation.

  6. And many more!

So, what are you waiting for? Use our Morse code cipher tool to decipher
Morse code to text or text to Morse code now! As a codebreaker & cryptogram
enthusiast, our cipher tool is a must have! It is useful for all of you.
Just try it out.
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