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Mastodon for Android but it's Material You and has more features
Version: 2.1.4+fork.104.moshinda
Added: 30-10-2023
Updated: 02-02-2024
Moshidon is a modified version of the official Mastodon Android app adding important features that are missing in the official app, such as the federated timeline, unlisted posting and an image description viewer.

Key features

- Many colors: Brings material you theme and many colorful options for themes!
- Filtered posts!: The ability to have filtered posts show with a warning!
- Translate button: Brings a translate button!
- Toot language picker: Brings in a toot language picker!
- Unlisted posting: Post publicly without having your post show up in trends, hashtags or public timelines.
- Federated timeline: See all public posts from people on all other Fediverse neighborhoods your home instance is connected to.
- Image description viewer: Quickly check whether an image or video has an alt text attached to it.
- Pinning posts: Pin your most important posts to your profile and see what others have pinned using the “Pinned“ tab.
- Follow hashtags: See new posts from specific hashtags directly in your home timeline by following them.
- Answering follow requests: Accept or decline follow requests from your notifications or the dedicated Follow requests list.
- Delete and re-draft: The much-loved feature that made editing possible without an actual editing function.
- Extras: Brings many extra UI features, such as interaction icons on the Notifications and removing many annoyances with the original UI!
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