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Digital TAC board
Version: 1.3
Added: 13-12-2014
Updated: 12-02-2016
Play TAC on the go.

MoTAC is a mobile board for the TAC board game. This app and your TAC cards
is all you need to play TAC everywhere. Save and resume your game at any time.
MoTAC is the best way for playing TAC while traveling.

You can play with 1-4 players, because MoTAC allows any move possible on a real
board. Counters are moved per drag-and-drop to any location on the board.
However, basic rule checking is also included. Tap a counter for displaying all
allowed moves, choose one to automatically make the move. MoTAC can only be
played along with the TAC cards. It solely replaces board and marbles.

* no network connection required
* no advertisement
* last 100 moves are stored
* change the player colors
* zoom the board on small displays
* auto-saving of game status
* animated card playing
* especially suitable for tablets
* export your game as image
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