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Motion Eye

Stream and connect all of your Surveillance network cameras
Version: 1.0.5
Added: 16-07-2020
Updated: 05-03-2024
The motionEye app is an interface to interact with all of your motionEye servers, all in one app.

The motionEye app - Home Surveillance System offers a native motionEye interface which unlike other motionEye client apps maintains a consistent motionEye UI.

Prominent features:

  • View and download motion-triggered videos or photos stored on Google Drive┬╣ or any other linked cloud storage.

  • Add multiple network cameras in the app. Though it is natively designed to work with motionEye and motionEye OS powered cameras, it also supports other network cameras.

  • View all your network stream at once on the motionEye app's home screen itself.

  • We got your back, navigate to Help and FAQ section of our app to fix app-related issues faster.

  • Be a contributor: the motionEye app is open-source.

  • Stay tuned for the next update, more awesome features are on their way.

Please let us know what more cool features do you want by sending feedback in the about section of the app.

┬╣ This feature is available when you link Google Drive with motionEye

Screenshot of Motion Eye Screenshot of Motion Eye Screenshot of Motion Eye
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