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Map device storage to sdcard
Version: 3.4.8
Added: 09-12-2013
Updated: 09-12-2013
N.B 'Fix sqlite3 binary' was removed in this build.

Mounts2SD is a script for devices with low storage capabilities, but It can be
used for a lot of things and is useful on almost any device, even those without
external sdcard.

The script itself has grown to become a large storage and management script with
features that control SWAP, ZRAM, mount optimization, storage thresholds,
different external and internal MMC configurations, cache and more. The content
management is able to move a lot more different content between /data and
/sd-ext, including the new internal storage, which on newer devices, is placed
in /data/media, and it also contains more than one option for storing system
content on both /data and /sd-ext.

Requires root.
Screenshot of Mounts2SD Screenshot of Mounts2SD Screenshot of Mounts2SD
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